Vietnamese frozen durian customs clearance into Australia

  • 7 tons of frozen durian from Vietnam have officially completed customs clearance for the Australian market, specifically the state of New South Wales.
  • Information from the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia, durian frozen whole fruit, or split kernels are strongly attracting consumers in Australia.
  • However, this product is mainly imported from some Asian countries (such as Thailand and Malaysia).
  • Therefore, starting today (July 23), Vietnam durian officially enters the journey to conquer consumers in one of the most demanding markets in the world, Australia.
  • Thanks to the advantage of being a frozen fruit, it retains the same standards and flavors as fresh fruit and durian is approved for import into Australia without having to wait for market opening negotiations like other fresh fruits.
  • This frozen durian shipment was imported by ASEAN Company (based in New South Wales) to promote the consumption of typical fruits of South Vietnam.
  • It is known that the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia has cooperated with ASEAN Company to organize the Vietnam Durian Week program in Australia, lasting from July 20 to July 31, simultaneously implemented in concentrated areas.
  • After the Vietnam Durian Week in Australia ends, the deal will continue to accompany another importer in the western city of Perth to launch a promotion program for a Vietnamese durian shipment. AAA brand, expected to be available in this state in early August.
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