Reserving Pomelo

  • To harvest and preserve Pomelo after natural collection without resorting to Pomelo, growers must also have the secret of long-term collection and preservation. The collection and preservation of Pomelo after harvest will also determine the quality of Pomelo.

    The best time to collect Pomelo.

    Pomelo is only picked when ripe and should be picked when the sun is even. The ripe Pomelo will have a cool aroma, yellow skin, a slight rotation, and a fall.

    If the Pomelo falls, the fruit will easily be crushed, scratching the shell leading to stamping shrimp, easy to rot, and rot quickly. Keep the Pomelo hut from falling to the ground is an important technique to follow when collecting Pomelo.

    How to preserve natural Pomelo after harvest naturally:

    First, choose the right place. Normally, Pomelo is only suitable for cool and no windy places because if there is a lot of wind in, it will make the Pomelo quickly wither.


    After collecting the pomelos, it will arrange a layer of pomelos at the bottom close to the floor, the Pomelo is arranged in the stem upward.

    The second layer onwards will have to turn the Pomelo upside down. Just like that, one layer after another.

    Remember that during the preservation process of pomelos, every 20 to 30 days, the fruit should be turned once from top to bottom, from the top layer to the bottom layer evenly.

    If done well from harvesting Pomelo to preserving this natural way, then surely the Pomelo preservation is completely natural without having to use any chemical.

    And the time to hold Pomelo can last from 4-6 months. At that time, the skin of the fruit has shrunk, but the core is still fresh, the fruit is full, the pulp is white and thin. Especially the Pomelo flavor has not diminished, there is no difference compared to freshly picked Pomelo on the tree.