Harvest Brown Coconut

From trunks, wood, roots, leaves, tops and fruits of coconut trees can produce useful products with high economic value. These products are popular with consumers, especially tourists.

Processing coconut is to take the white rice, the fat part of it to provide for culinary products such as fatty flour, juice, cakes, and many other foods.

Each month coconut trees will give a batch of dried fruit, large or small fruit depends on the age of the tree and the lushness and care growers.

Harvesters will use a semicircular-shaped blade that locals call Liem Liem, hooked up to a section of a long-reach tree to pick coconuts.

Peeling a coconut is the act of separating the coconut shell from the sheath with a specialized tool from iron.

If you want to store coconuts for a long time, the peeling process must leave a part of the coconut immediately on the stem of the fruit called “three-skin coconut”.