Export standards for bananas

  • Export standards for bananas:

     – A small chamber stem is facing up into the chamber into a cylinder shape.


    – The section of banana stalk must be dry, non-dark, and must be treated with appropriate preservative chemicals to avoid spoilage and stem rot.


    – The flesh of the fruit is yellow, flexible, sweet, and has a characteristic aroma. Exported bananas should be ripe (75-80% old), with a specific green or bright green skin; banana’s edge is slightly rounded but clearly visible; The skin of the fruit sticks tightly to the flesh and is difficult to peel off; The flesh is hard, firm, easy to break, yellowish.


    – When breaking the fruit with sticky and clear plastic thread, the plastic does not flow into droplets. bananas are cut into strips or bunches as required by the commercial contract and cut close to the stem, removing the entire stem. It can be trimmed no more than 2 damaged fruits in one hand, but without affecting the overall appearance of the bananas.